100 Years of Trade, Education and Fellowship
WESA Trade Show


The Western & English Sales Association (WESA) was organized in 1921 with the goal of creating a forum where retailers, manufacturers, and sales representatives could conduct business in an atmosphere of fair trade and fellowship. Today, the International Western/English Apparel & Equipment Trade Shows are the world’s largest trade events for the equestrian industry, attracting more than 600 product lines and over 3,400 retailers a year.

March 2, 1920

  • In 1921, the Association was founded by seven men under the corporate name Men’s Apparel Club of Colorado. The founders envisioned that the Club would, “…advance fellowship and good feeling between retail merchants and the traveling salesmen’” and “promote the exchange of new and successful ideas”. This early vision is still incorporated in today’s core values of trade, education, and fellowship.
  • The founders were Bert Chapman, Abe Goldstein, Charles Jacobs, Henry Bromley, Herbert Daily, Frank Connely and Byron Le Maitre.
  •  The first Trade Show took place in January 1922. Members of the Men’s Apparel Club of Colorado exhibited their goods on one floor of the Albany Hotel in Denver, CO. As the Trade Show grew, sales representatives split showrooms between the Albany Hotel and the Daniel’s & Fisher Tower.

June 15, 1950

  • Floyd Fleming (1957) and Tom Moody (1958) are Mountain States Men’s & Boys’ Apparel Club Presidents.

March 23, 1960

  • The number of Western product representatives increased in the 1960s, which led the event to be renamed to “Western and Dress Apparel Show”.
  • In 1965, the Denver Merchandise Mart opened. Several sales representatives occupied new showrooms, while others remained at the Albany Hotel.
  • The rest of the membership followed soon thereafter as WESA officially moved to the DMM in 1966.
  • John Secrest (1962), Bill Murphy (1963), Don Anderson (1964), John Gass (1965), Marvin Pooley (1967), Keith Johnson (1968) and Barrett Burke (1969) are Mountain States Men’s & Boys’ Apparel Club Presidents.

March 21, 1970

  • In 1970, the Association was renamed to Mountain States Mens, Boys & Western Apparel Club.
  • The Denver Mart Expo Building opened in 1974, which increased exhibit space.
  • In 1979, the Department of Commerce Foreign Buyer Program officially designated MSMBWAC (Mountain States Men’s, Boy’s and Western Apparel Club) as an International Market.
  • Bill Shoen (1970), Joe Leblanc (1971), Glen Michener (1972), Jack Peck (1973), Bob Davidson (1974-1975), Gerry Marquand (1976), Bob Murphy (1977-1978) and Ron Irwin (1979) are Mountain States Men’s & Boys’ Apparel Club Presidents.

March 31, 1980

  • In 1986, “English” was added to the Trade Show’s name as it was called “Men’s & Western Apparel, Western & English Tack”.
  • In 1989, members finally chose to rename the Association “Western & English Sales Association”.
  • Ron Irwin (1980), Kent Hopper (1981-1982), Jack Ursetta (1983), Jack Lutz (1984-1985), Barbara Taylor (1986), Dennis High (1987-1988), Jerry Johnson (1989) are Mountain States Men’s & Boys’ Apparel Club Presidents.

March 1, 1990

  • In 1995, the Denver Mart Pavilion building opened, which added 25,000 sq ft of exhibit space.
  • In 1997, WESA boasts a record membership number of 1,200 manufacturers and sales representatives.
  • WESA celebrates the 75th Anniversary in 1997.
  • In 1998, the Denver Mart Plaza opened and further increased exhibit space.
  • Jerry Johnson (1990) is Mountain States Mens, Boys & Western Apparel Club President.
  • Buck Anderson (1991-1992), Robert (Bud) Cash (1993-1994), Steve Croft (1995-1996), Toby Lewis (1997-1998) and John Archuleta (1999) are WESA Presidents.

June 17, 2000

  • WESA celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2002.
  • John Archuleta (2000), Jack Tait (2001-2002), Bill Shackelford (2003-2004), Dennis Walkingshaw (2005-2006), Jaye Wilson (2007-2008), Denis Arey (2009) are WESA Presidents.

June 17, 2010

  • In 2012, WESA celebrated it’s 90th anniversary.
  • In 2018, WESA rebranded to cater to its global audience.
  • Denis Arey (2010), Gene House (2011-2012), Mark Broughton (2013-2014), Scott Piper (2015-2016), Gerald Adame (2017-2018) and Jay Phillips (2019) are WESA Presidents.

March 31, 2020

  • In 2020, the WESA Trade Shows relocated from Denver, CO to Dallas, TX.
  • In 2021, WESA held its first Trade Shows at its new location, the Dallas Market Center.
  • Jay Phillips (2020) and Patrick Powers (2021-2022) are WESA Presidents.