About WESA


The Western & English Sales Association (WESA) was organized in 1921, under the corporate name Men’s Apparel Club of Colorado. These WESA founders launched an initial Trade Show in January 1922, with the goal of creating a forum where retailers, manufacturers, and sales representatives could conduct business in an atmosphere of fair trade and fellowship. Now, the International Western/English Apparel & Equipment Markets are Where the Industry Meets, attracting a constantly growing global audience to WESA’s world-class Trade Shows.

WESA Trade Shows boast record-breaking retail attendance from a national and international audience. WESA uses extensive inbound and outbound marketing campaigns to bring retailers to the International Western/English Apparel & Equipment Markets to buy products for their stores.

Enhanced by the supportive advertising of its membership and their companies, the WESA Trade Shows are regarded as the single-sourcing entity for more than 550 product lines, bringing more than 3,400 retailers to the WESA Trade Shows each year.

The WESA Board welcomes your thoughts and suggestions. Comment forms are available during all Trade Shows at the WESA Show Office, or feel free to write in after the Trade Show.


WESA is a not-for-profit association that forms a community by creating a biannual Trade Show, driven by the active Western, English, and Rural lifestyles, cultures, and values.


Board Officers

Patrick Powers
Chairperson of the Board
Scott Tucker
Michael Anderson
Vice President
Travis Jakeway
Secretary, Treasurer

WESA Directors

Christi Fordham
2023 — 2025
Brad Tucker
2023 — 2025
Gene House
2023 — 2025
Michael Baca
2024 — 2026
Heath Hippel
2024 — 2026
David Baker
2024 — 2026