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Exhibit this January

The Western and English Sales Association hosted its first WESA Trade Show in January 1921. Join us this January, to celebrate 100 years of trade, education, and fellowship!

The Association thanks you for your support and attendance of the WESA Trade Shows: Where the Industry Meets


Manufacturers and sales representatives comprise WESA’s Association, uniting a national and international membership. As a not-for-profit, Member-directed Trade Association, WESA Members are dedicated to the continued maintenance and expansion of the International Western/English Apparel & Equipment Markets as premier Trade Shows. WESA’s Trade Shows, located in the nation’s number one horse state, fulfill a business legacy. Industry members meet successfully, year after year, at the biannual Trade Shows, stimulating a constantly improving venue, binding thousands of diverse products and individuals into an “industry” – WESA’s membership is the common denominator for the industry.

  • WESA membership is established and maintained as Individual Membership, Company Membership, Associate Membership, or Affiliate Membership
  • WESA membership does not guarantee temporary exhibit space
  • WESA dues must be paid annually to maintain both your membership and also any earned seniority points, even when you are not participating in Trade Shows

Exhibitor Contracts

WESA Exhibitor Contracts are available on the following dates:

January Trade Show
Available online July 2021

The contract deadlines are typically six to eight weeks after the contract is available online.

  • To be listed as an exhibitor for a WESA Trade Show and/or to apply for temporary exhibit space for a WESA Trade Show, you must submit an Exhibitor Contract for each and every Trade Show including appropriate fees by the stated contract deadline
  • Temporary exhibit space at a WESA Trade Show is assigned by availability, seniority points, and date of membership, in that order. Therefore, temporary exhibit space is not guaranteed by WESA membership.