WESA Trade Shows
Where the Industry Meets

The Western & English Sales Association (WESA) was organized in 1921 with the goal of creating a forum where retailers, manufacturers, and sales representatives could conduct business in an atmosphere of fair trade and fellowship. Today, the International Western/English Apparel & Equipment Trade Shows are the world’s largest trade events for the equestrian industry, attracting more than 1,000 product lines and over 4,200 retailers a year.

WESA also serves as a source for information and education for retailers and exhibitors, delivering solid business and lifestyle expertise to the trade through Trade Show seminars and demonstrations.

Upcoming Trade Shows
January 2021

WESA’s Western/English Apparel & Equipment offers retailers one-stop shopping in one venue. With over 750 exhibitors displaying new and innovative products, you won’t want to miss out on the WESA January Trade Show.

January 2021

WESA’s Trade Shows, located in the nation’s number one horse state, fulfill a business legacy. Industry members meet successfully, year after year, at the biannual Trade Shows, stimulating a constantly improving venue, binding thousands of diverse products and individuals into an “industry” – WESA’s membership is the common denominator for the industry.

Wisdom by WESA

WESA provides the world’s largest trade events for retailers, manufacturers, and sales representatives of the equestrian industry. Our podcast features exclusive interviews with noteworthy Western/English personalities, retailers, and exhibitors you’ve always wanted to talk to!