Venue Information
January 10, 2020 — January 13, 2020
Take Interstate 25 South to exit #215 (58th Avenue) and turn left onto 58th Avenue.
Take Interstate 25 North to exit #215 (58th Avenue) and turn right onto 58th Avenue.
Take Interstate 70 West to Interstate 25 North. Take exit #215 (58th Avenue) and turn right onto 58th Avenue.
Take Interstate 70 East to Interstate 25 North. Take exit #215 (58th Avenue) and turn right onto 58th Avenue.

These parking guidelines will facilitate parking for all attendees.

To allow adequate parking for both exhibitors and buyers, unattended trailers and rigs must park in the Washington Street Lot. Security will be provided overnight in this lot. Rigs may be moved back to the Mart Complex lots after 4:00 p.m. on Sunday to stage for move-out. Move-out starts on Monday at 5:00 p.m.

Unattended trailers and rigs will be towed from all Mart Complex lots (Expo, Pavilion, Mart, Hotel, and Plaza) on Thursday night after move-in is completed at 5:00 p.m. A $300 penalty and towing charges may be assessed to the responsible member/exhibitor.

All motor home parking should be behind the fire station. No motor home parking will be allowed on the Denver Mart lots. If your motor home is parked in a Denver Mart lot, you will be asked to move.

A professional company has been hired by WESA to help facilitate these procedures. Personnel will be posted at each dock and at each parking lot for your convenience. We ask that you cooperate with these individuals for a successful move-in.

For the ease of buyers, exhibitors are requested to park in outlying areas each Trade Show day, allowing our customers to use close-in parking. We also ask that you encourage your associates, executives, and other booth personnel to park in the same outlying areas.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

January 2020 Market Floor Plans
The Denver Mart Complex
Pavilion Building
Mart Building – 1st Floor
Expo Building
Mart Booths (Terrace Gardens) – 1st Floor
Mart Building – 2nd Floor
Mart Building – 3rd Floor
Mart Annex Booth – 3rd Floor
Mart Building – 4th Floor